‘Love Actually’ Movie Night

Last week I invited a few friends over to watch one of my favorite holiday flicks, Love Actually, and it was glorious. There was wine, appropriate yelling at the TV and/or characters, the inaugural celebration of the Love Actually drinking game, and of course, snacks. Oh, were there snacks.

Chocolate Sea Salt Cookies

I’m a bit of a wary baker, but these chocolate sea salt thumbprint cookies turned out pretty damn good. The cookie base was lemon almond, and who doesn’t like sea salt + chocolate?

Bacon Wrapped Dates

Bacon. Wrapped. Dates. I used to order bacon-wrapped dates at Fraiche alllll the time before they closed. Now that I know how easy they are, they’ll probably be making an appearance at every future shindig.

Cheese Platter

Cheese and charcuterie plate! Thanks, Trader Joe’s. A little fig butter, a trio of cured meats, gorgonzola, pesto gouda, and double cream brie. As it should be.

Baked Potato Bites

These baby red potato bites are always a staple at Jessica’s fabulous parties in SF, and I totally stole them. I feel no regrets. If there’s anyone I’d like to emulate in party-planning, it’s Jessica. (Girl, you crazy.)


What’s a good movie night without popcorn? Again, thanks Trader Joe’s.

Not pictured: Smitten Kitchen’s caramelized onion tart. We stuffed ourself so silly on snacks that we never got to the tart. Love Actually  was an excellent succession to Halloween’s Hocus Pocus movie night. After receiving some fairly terrible news and a tough week, it was the perfect pick-me-up. Thanks to Jamie for set-up and photo help, and all of my lovely friends for coming!



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